CDM services

From beginning to end, CDM (construction design management) considerations need to be carefully contemplated. Prevention is better than cure, so we continuously monitor management arrangements during your project to ensure that CDM is a touchstone throughout.


Industry best practice is at our heart. Our in-depth understanding of design and health and safety has been garnered from years of experience. It means we can contribute to establishing a safe project for you, through technical support and guidance on feasibility studies, development appraisals and planning applications.

Design development

Design risk can affect both buildability and future use. We overcome this by collaborating responsively with designers. In doing so, we can identify any potential issues in their concepts – reducing risk to a manageable level across the entire project. It also ensures the businesses we work with meet their legal obligations.


Matching the right people to projects is something you can trust us with. As experienced CDM consultants, we are perfectly positioned to assist in appointing contractors and designers with the right skills, knowledge and experience to deliver your project safely. Our sound technical advice will give you the most appropriate assessment of skills, knowledge and experience, aligned to your project’s overall objectives.


Our CDM responsibilities don’t end once the design process is over. We diligently monitor ongoing management arrangements once your project moves into the build phase, to mitigate health and safety risk.

Project close-down

When it comes to project handover, we really do dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We are scrupulous in ensuring that all safety considerations have been fully identified and recorded in the health and safety file, making sure there are no surprises.

“Bruceshaw are extremely professional in their approach and perform their duties in an efficient and accurate manner.

Aran Blackbourne, Director, Karl Group