CDM/PD services

From beginning to end, CDM (construction design management) considerations need to be carefully considered.

Our CDM delivery team are here, from concept right through to completion, to ensure health & safety is considered at every key stage of your project.

Prevention is better than cure, so we continuously monitor management arrangements during your project to ensure that CDM is a touchpoint throughout. Our sound technical advice will give you the most appropriate assessment of our skills, aligned to your project’s overall objectives.

What we offer

  • Feasibility/appraisal
    Contributing to establishing a safe project for you.
  • Design development
    Identifying any potential issues.
  • Procurement
    Assisting in appointing contractors and designers with the right skills, knowledge and experience for a safe project delivery.
  • Construction/delivery
    Monitoring ongoing management arrangements once your project moves into build phase.
  • Project close-down
    Ensuring all safety considerations are fully identified and recorded at project completion.
  • Building in use
    Providing support, advice and ongoing safety management once your project is complete.

“Bruceshaw have built an extremely successful relationship, due to their professionalism, proactive attitude, competence and sense of humour.”

Pedro Longras, Development Director, Inland Homes