Why the high street needs help to find its voice

The future of the high street is a topic that has generated huge debate in recent years and with justification.

Why the high street needs help to find its voice

With many high streets having lost customers to more conveniently located and better served shopping centres, increasing online capabilities and retail parks, the humble high street has struggled to redefine its role. As a result, many have simply fallen into clichéd, repetitive charity and coffee shop hubs that do very little to serve the real needs of their local customer base or excite a new customer into coming to explore.

“When the greatest a high street has to offer is a generic coffee shop then you know you’re in trouble,” says Tim Valler, retail associate at Bruceshaw.

So how can it change?

Bruceshaw suggests a number of steps can be taken to ensure that the high street does indeed have a future.

Much has been debated over the role of the high street but given all the increased attention what exactly is its future and how can retailers themselves help to ensure it has one?

Liz Morrell, in conversation with Bruceshaw, finds out.

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