Data domination

Each time we browse the internet at least one data centre is involved – and to use a smartphone the same applies even when we aren’t making calls. We rely on data centres to do our shopping, to buy train tickets, and even to navigate traffic lights.

Data domination

Big data makes us more efficient, helps us to communicate, and we like it. Demand has never been higher – nor have the opportunities to provide it. There’s only one way investment can go, and that is up.

So how then can the UK develop an environment that means investors won’t be tempted elsewhere? The answer is multifaceted. But the good news is that the UK is in a great position to compete.

“The UK is a perfect location for data centres from a communications point of view. With unparalleled connectivity westward to the USA and eastward into Europe, it would be hard to improve on the UK’s strategic, bilateral position.”

According to the experts, we are only just scratching the surface of the possibilities of big data – and that’s despite the fact we’re already heavily dependent on it in our everyday lives.

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