The Transformation of the Data Centre

With the data centre sector continuing to expand quicker than ever before, with no foreseeable slowing, Bruceshaw explores the transformation of the data centre in its latest Bruceshaw Voice.

The common perception of data centres is that they are shrouded in secrecy, however they are often easy to spot. There are the buildings with reflective or tinted windows, the high level of associated security, the lack of obvious branding, with often very few people coming in or out. As a result, data centres are often tended to be unpopular with local planners.

However, with more of the objects we use day-to-day become ‘smart’ there is no doubt that there will be greater need for larger storage capacity, and thus more data centres. The current national news headlines, concerning the development of 5G also bring the hosting, utilisation and security of data to the centre of people’s attention.

This edition of the Bruceshaw Voice was created in conversation with Journalist Grant Gibson, Bruceshaw’s Managing Partner Rennie Dalrymple and Directors Nicholas Payne, Daniel Wright and Tom Bishop.

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