Meet the ‘How to make Wellness Work’ Speakers

Meet the panellists who spoke at our ‘How to make wellness work’ debate we hosted on the 12th July in our new offices on Union Street, London.

Andy Swann, Catalyst, Speaker & Author

Andy is an expert on the relationship between people, organisations and work. His book ‘The Human Workplace’ has been described as essential reading for all leaders. Its core message of people-first organisational success has gained considerable media attention.


Rennie Dalrymple, Bruceshaw

Rennie, Managing Partner at Bruceshaw, opened the debate explaining that Wellness was at the top of the agenda when considering the new office space.


Sukhneet Assee, Ergonomist at Humanscale

Sukhneet is passionate about the design of human-environment interfaces, anthropometry and how the built environment can contribute to worker health and performance. She also helps organisations develop proactive ergonomic programmes which aim to minimise absenteeism, injury and encourage productivity.


Aidan Walker, Mindfulness in the Worplace

Aidan released his book, ‘The Ecology of the Soul – Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World’ in 2016 with great success. Previously he had editorially directed almost all professional UK design magazines, including FX, Blueprint, Grand Designs, Icon and Onoffice.


Sophie Higgins, Nutrition Consultant

Sophie is a registered nutritional therapist and yoga instructor. Her work aims to get the body and mind back into a healthy state of balance. She also promotes tailored healthcare plans to the individual by setting achievable goals and targets.


Phil Hutchinson, BDG architecture + design

Phil is an expert in workplace strategy and design. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, he has an intrinsic understanding of the relationship between people and workplace. He remains continually intrigued and passionate about what makes business and people work well.