Project Management

Risk Management

  • Preparing against uncertain events that can affect a project
  • Risk Register specific to each project delivers structured framework
  • Evaluation of possible impact of a risk on a project
  • Ensuring expenditure represents value for money
  • Early identification allows action to be taken to avoid problems

Risk can be defined as the possibility of an uncertain event or condition occurring which, if it occurs will have a discernable effect on one or more project objectives. Bruce Shaw has considerable experience in providing risk management services and utilises Quantitative Risk Assessment techniques in assessing risk. Risks may include construction cost over-run, programme risks, quality and functionality risks in design, changes in legislation or unforeseen site difficulties.

The objectives include delivery of the project on time, within budget, and to the required quality. Ensuring that expenditure represents value for money must also be considered in tandem with achieving these key objectives.

Bruce Shaw prepares and manages a Risk Register specific to every project, which delivers a structured framework for risk management. Risk is evaluated by examining the probability that an event will occur, and evaluating the impact of such an occurrence.

Early identification of risk allows both the client and design team to take action to militate against the risk event having an impact on key project deliverables.