Project Management

Project Audits

  • Audits review costs and decision-making processes at key stages in project development
  • Concentrates on the core issues of cost, risk and programme
  • Highlights potential areas of concern and recommends solutions.
  • Checks adequacy of information provided to achieve targets  
  • Financial consequences of not meeting expectations are too severe

Bruce Shaw has a strong track record in providing project audit services which review the cost and decision-making process at key stages in the development of a project, namely the project commitment, contract commitment and construction stages.

Bruce Shaw’s audit typically concentrates on the core issues of cost, risk and programme, highlighting any potential areas of concern and recommending solutions.

Skilled consultants, with extensive industry experience, carry out these audits to make a meaningful appraisal of a project at the key stages in its development. The audit process checks the adequacy of the information provided by and to the project team to achieve the cost, programme and quality targets of the Client.

In the challenging economic climate, there is a growing demand for peer reviews on large and complex projects. The financial risks are too high and the consequences of a development not meeting expectations are too severe, to take a chance on a successful outcome for a project.