Project Management

Development Management

  • extensive experience/knowledge of design and ability to identify additional value
  • 80% of cost savings and added value committed during the first 10% of development programme
  • Wide-ranging development management services
  • Value realised through early identification of opportunity
  • Structured and informed decision-making process

Property Development involves the use of Land, Finance and Construction to produce investments for sale or long-term retention. The value in any such development is realised through the early identification of opportunity, and a structured and informed decision-making process thereafter which explores the risks and opportunities which will ultimately determine the success of the development.

Some 80% of cost savings and added value are committed during the first 10% of a development programme. Bruce Shaw has an expertise in development management, having extensive experience and knowledge of design and the ability to identify additional value.

Bruce Shaw provides wide-ranging development management services such as: initial analysis/assessment of site condition and legal/planning situation; liaison with client’s in-house and external property and marketing advisors; arrangements for development option costings and programmes; management of the decision-making process for proceeding; development of the project master plan; and advice on the appointment of technical consultants.