Project Management

Bid Management

  • Strong track record in managing bids under all procurement routes
  • Framework to manage complex sets of bid requirements
  • Procurement options are numerous and diverse
  • EU Procurement Procedures in force
  • Extensive bid management services

Bruce Shaw has a strong track record in the management of bids under all of the procurement routes, and has the expertise to establish an effective framework within which a complex set of bid requirements, and a disparate team of professional consultants, can be managed in order to bring a bid to successful conclusion.

The modern market for design and construction services is varied and complex, and presents clients with a number of different options for the procurement of a project. These include Traditional Contract (designed by the Employer), Design & Build Contract, PPP, PFI, BOT and EU Procurement Procedures.

The bidding process can be complex and costly and often requires a significant management input on the part of the bid organiser.

Bruce Shaw provides bid management services that include advice on the most appropriate form of procurement; clarification of the bid brief; estimation of the likely bid cost; establishment of an effective information management framework; assembly of data for final production; and management of the bid presentation process.