Experience / Sport / Leisure

Sport / Leisure

Bruce Shaw has been appointed to handle diverse Sports and Leisure projects, ranging from national stadia, golf courses/clubhouses and fitness centres to equestrian centres and racecourses for international clients. This specific experience allows us to focus on the relevant issues and provide clients with comprehensive cost and procurement advice.

  1. Bukit Jalil National Sports Stadium
  2. Emirates Equestrian Centre
  3. Guinness Storehouse/Visitors’ Centre
  4. Killeen Golf Club
  5. Killeen Golf Club
  6. Thomond Park Stadium
  7. Snowtopia Resort
  8. Leopardstown Racecourse
  9. Marley Park Sports Facility
  10. New Grandstand, Galway Racecourse
  11. Harlequins Rugby Club
  12. Victoria Palace Theatre
  13. Victoria Palace Theatre
  14. Licet Leisure Development