Experience / Retail


Bruce Shaw has extensive experience in retail development from large-scale shopping centres to retail store fit-outs, applying our knowledge and extensive database to issues such as cost efficient grids, space planning, spans, mall dynamics, covered streets, etc right through to international procurement frameworks for a number of large retail chains.

  1. Fit Out of John Lewis Store, Exeter
  2. Pavilions Shopping Centre
  3. Whitewater Shopping Centre
  4. CastleCourt Shopping Centre
  5. Marks & Spencer Stores
  6. Primark/Penneys Stores
  7. Primark/Penneys Stores
  8. Primark/Penneys Stores
  9. Arnotts (Redevelopment)
  10. The Kingdom Tower
  11. Arnotts (Retail Refurbishment)
  12. Erneside Shopping Centre
  13. Erneside Shopping Centre
  14. Felix Plaza
  15. Felix Plaza
  16. Park Lake Plaza