Experience / PPP / PFI


Bruce Shaw provides a range of specialist services covering all facets of PPP/PFI projects' lifecycles, from initial concept and business case development through to final delivery and operation. The multi-disciplinary nature of our service allows us to consider market trends, advise on tender submissions and pre-qualification processes and assist clients in bringing projects to market.

  1. Acute Hospital for Southwest PFI
  2. Convention Centre Dublin PPP
  3. 3rd Level PPP Programme Bundle 1
  4. 3rd Level PPP Programme Bundle 2
  5. Metro North
  6. Bangor And Nendrum Schools PPP
  7. Scottish Border Schools PPP
  8. Katowice Station PPP
  9. Wellington College, Belfast
  10. Wellington College, Belfast
  11. Wellington College, Belfast
  12. Balmoral High School, Belfast
  13. Balmoral High School, Belfast
  14. Balmoral High School, Belfast