Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

Whole Life Costing

  • Establishing the most cost-effective investment decisions
  • Optimising costs of an asset through its anticipated life span
  • Establishing trade-offs on capital, maintenance and operations costs
  • Sustainability agenda a high priority in today’s economy
  • Bespoke software to produce models incorporating industry-accepted cost structures

Bruce Shaw’s approach to lifecycle costing considers and optimises the full range of costs which accrue from the construction of an asset right through its anticipated life span. Whole life costing is a key driver in both public and private sector works and is considered a necessity in PPP and PFI projects in terms of long-term operation, risk and the lifecycle replacement of key components.

Bruce Shaw helps clients to establish the most cost-effective investment decision by focusing not only on the capital costs but on the total cost of the asset. This is done by undertaking a detailed exercise, ideally at initial design stage, to establish trade-offs on capital, maintenance and operations/occupancy costs.

As a serious player in the PPP/PFI market, Bruce Shaw can produce whole life cost models that incorporate an industry-accepted cost structure which is compliant with ISO 15686-5. Bespoke software incorporates BCIS and Bruce Shaw’s own in-house data to inform decision-makers at all stages of a project.