Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

Initial Cost Advice / Feasibility Studies

  • Viability of each project must be carefully examined
  • Costs weighed against other factors
  • Decisions at early stage impact on 70% of overall costs
  • Establish initial budget cost against cost data from previous projects
  • Challenge design choices to ensure all cost limits are achieved.

To obtain the best value for money, the viability of each project is carefully examined. Cost must be weighed against aesthetics, quality, space and time, and an acceptable budget agreed. Close collaboration at this stage between the project team members will bring maximum benefits to the client.

Bruce Shaw leads this process and explores all possibilities; decisions made at this critical stage impact on over 70% of overall development costs. The company offers experience across a range of feasibility studies, from high cost urban regeneration schemes to low-rise residential dwellings to luxury hotels.

Bruce Shaw establishes the initial budget cost by reference to cost data derived from previous projects and by measurement and pricing of the key elemental quantities. The budget is allocated amongst the various building elements to establish limits within which each element is allowed develop. As the scheme progresses, each element is checked to ensure it remains within its limit and the overall scheme remains within budget. Bruce Shaw’s role is to challenge the design/design choices on behalf of the client, to ensure all cost limits are maintained/achieved.