Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

Cost Control During Construction

  • Integrated cost management systems
  • Post-contract strategy is a progressive close-out of risk
  • Strong working relationship at outset is vital to breed respect and trust
  • Monthly risk-and-opportunity meetings that encourage contractor participation
  • Rolling Final Account can be speedily agreed on project completion without surprises

Bruce Shaw’s integrated cost management systems provides the transition whereby its cost planning systems supported by risk and opportunity and contingency management are applied to Final Account management and control.

One of the primary post-contract tasks is to financially manage the contractor in accordance with the terms of the contract and Bruce Shaw’s strategy is simple - progressive close-out of risk and ensuring that the Final Account is agreed on a rolling basis with the Contractor, i.e. it is real time.

By creating, at the outset, a strong working relationship with the Contractor, inviting him to contribute to the project process, respect and trust will be bred that will lay the foundations for a successful team ethos.

Monthly risk-and-opportunity meetings at which contractor participation is encouraged is part of the Bruce Shaw approach. The risk and opportunity register is used as a primary post-contract cost management tool.

The Client has a rolling Final Account which can be speedily agreed upon project completion with no surprises, while the contractor is paid in full for changes completed and agreed as the project proceeds.