Cost Management / Quantity Surveying

Change Management

  • Continuous monitoring of changes
  • Project completion within budget: the primary target
  • Design adjustments to avoid cost over-runs
  • Exceptional record-keeping and physical control on site
  • Cost sign-offs on completion of each element

Central to cost control during the construction stage is the determination to complete the project within the original budget. Through accurate record-keeping and good physical control in the field, Bruce Shaw continuously monitors changes and updates cost reports to show the current position to the client.

If a cost over-run is projected, evasive action can be taken by making design adjustments to achieve cost reductions and so return the project to its planned budget.

Bruce Shaw negotiates with the contractor to sign-off the cost of work as each element is completed, an approach which gives the client a rolling Final Account which can be speedily agreed on project completion, without surprises. The contractor is paid in full for changes completed and agreed as the project proceeds.