Insolvency Support / Bond Recovery

  • Specialist support services to Insolvency Professionals and Bond Providers
  • Expertise in construction-related receivership, examinership or liquidation processes
  • Maximising recovery of amounts by applying expert knowledge
  • Evaluation and renegotiation of contracts
  • Assessment of unresolved contractor claims

Drawing on its expertise in cost management, value engineering and project management, Bruce Shaw provides technical support on various insolvency cases.

In the case of a construction-related receivership, examinership or liquidation process, Bruce Shaw explores the opportunities available to maximise recovery of amounts due through the application of expert knowledge in construction, contracts, remedies, value engineering processes and bonds and collateral warranties.

In providing specialist support services to insolvency professionals and bond providers, Bruce Shaw can provide valuations on construction works completed; evaluate contract completions and termination options; replace contractors and sub-contractors; agree final accounts to establish amounts due; determine payments to date and amounts outstanding; and assess unresolved contractor claims and determine the likely recovery.