Independent Certifier / Technical Adviser

  • Technical advisor for financial institutions on development proposals
  • Due diligence advice prior to formal commitment of funding
  • Review of projected costs and aspects of a project’s viability
  • Highlighting risk areas and actions to remove impact on a project
  • Insurances and professional indemnity requirements

As an independent certifier, Bruce Shaw works as a technical advisor to leading financial institutions seeking due diligence on development proposals prior to formal commitment of funding. The company’s initial report comprises a review of all the projected costs and examines various aspects of the project’s viability.

Bruce Shaw’s advisory team highlights risk areas and, where appropriate, recommends actions to mitigate or remove the impact on the project.

Services provided by Bruce Shaw include: scope of development and timeframe; contractor’s management capability; status of contract documentation; procurement procedures; building cost provisions and anticipated cash flow; insurances and professional indemnity requirements; and review of construction progress against budgeted cost and schedule.